Inspired by the many landscapes and whirlwind adventures of growing up in a military family, Meghan Moser has been cultivating a love for beautiful patterns ever since childhood. After earning a Master of Fine Arts degree in Fabric Design from The University of Georgia and gaining work experience in the textile industry, Meghan founded Patternseed Design Studio in 2010. 

Staying true to her roots by using traditional materials and techniques, Meghan develops hand block printed textile artwork for apparel, home furnishings and various other surface pattern design applications. Each idea begins with sketchbook drawings and cut paper compositions. These designs are meticulously carved into a block entirely by hand and printed on paper using special inks. Intensive color and trend research are an important component of the creative process. The result, allowing for subtle ink blotches and slight variations, is a perfectly imperfect pattern that cannot be duplicated by digital technology. 

With an adventurous spirit and a suitcase full of artwork, Meghan frequently makes her way through the bustling streets of New York City and beyond, presenting her simple, yet sophisticated patterns to major manufacturers and retailers in the surface and textile design industries.